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    St.O’Donnell’s Select Gallery #005 : Munaaasib

    To all the people who have been asking her to make them a playlist, this one’s for you.
    Munaaasib will be resurrecting her first gen iPod and flipping it on shuffle for our Select Gallery.
    Just think “slickest hip-rap-hop karaoke party in Sydney where the only options to choose from aren’t ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot’ and ‘Remix to Ignition’.

    In between her many creative outlets, we had Munaaasib fill us in about who she’d love to dj back to back with and what we can expect from her set at the Select Gallery #005.

    When did you start DJing?
    Properly maybe early last year. I was on and off with it and just made a few mixes for my soundcloud, playing live should be fun!

    How do you go about finding new music?
    Good/new music comes to me haha. I just stay up to date with musicians I like and read up a lot about artists I like and then see where the internet takes me.

    Who would be your ideal DJ to perform back to back with?
    Kaytranada, he has so much fun when he plays so that’d be dope to be part of and witness.

    Where would be your dream place to perform a set?
    I’d love to play like an afterparty for Camp Floggnaw or Rolling Loud or some sick festival in the states, surrounded by other hip-hop heads.
    I say late night because I’d want everyone to be as cooked as possible at like 1am out there. I also would have loved to have played a set at the Low End Theory at the Airliner in LA, but that’s ending soon sadly.

    What’s the best musical advice you’ve been given?

    I don’t know if it’s one particular piece of advice, but both my parents are classically trained musicians so they’ve been conditioning me with an ear for sounds and beats since I was born.
    My dad taught me about different types of sounds being appropriate for different times of the day, this applies more directly to the type of music he makes but I’ve always translated that through to the way I listen to music now.


    What are you working on at the moment?
    I am a visual artist as well so I’m working on some new pieces to be exhibited later down the track. I’ll also continue making mixes and maybe upload more frequently online.

    What can we expect to see from you at the Select Gallery 2018?
    A taste of all my favourite sounds over the years, old and new. Some you’ll know and some you’ll be shazamming.

    Listen to Muna’s mixes here

    Check the full event lineup and grab a ticket here.