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    St.O’donnell’s Select Gallery #005 : Ingrid Wilson


    Local Bondi artist Ingrid Wilson (aka IIMWII) is currently completing her Masters of Fine Art at UNSW Art & Design. Her work is concerned with both fluidity and the relationship between art and science.

    Over the years her practice has evolved into a dynamic conversation between abstraction and representation, influenced by a self-confessed addiction to change.

    In a constant state of flux her work is informed by personal experience and materialism, often switching between oil and acrylic painting, digital installation and sculpture.

    When did you start making art?
    As a child I was always making something, it got more serious throughout school which encouraged me to keep studying.

    How would you describe your artistic practice?
    Chaotic, I can never stay on one thing for too long. My paints and art materials are so scattered sometimes I don’t know what I own, then I go and buy something to get home and realise I already have three. I’ll find materials stashed somewhere that will spark a complete change of focus.

    How would you describe your art in 5 words?
    Evolving and intriguing experimental playtime.

    Who are your two favourite artists and why?
    Jean-Michel Basquiat, to me he’s artwork is pure freedom. Kelsey Brookes, his patience throughout his painting process and his story as well. He was a scientist until he came to Australia on a holiday and started surfing and painting, as someone who loves the ocean and the collision of science and art he really stands out to me. He led me to closely follow the RVCA Artist Network Program, introducing me to a wide range of artists that have heavily influenced my practice.

    What’s the best creative advice you’ve been given?
    To trust yourself.

    What’s the message you hope to portray through your work?
    I make art because it’s makes me happy and keeps me grounded. We live in a crazy media controlled world, it’s a great way to not lose yourself to that. I hope that my work encourages others to pick up a book or a paint brush or a camera or anything that keeps them off their iPhone. Death to Siri!

    What can we expect to see from you at the Select Gallery?
    I have been making some abstract one line figurative works for some time. I will be exhibiting two large scale works titled Alice & Elia which represent alter-egos in social media and a series of collage style prints informed by these two works. I am making the prints myself and will have an edition available for sale on the night.

    Learn more about Ingrid via her socials website & Instagram

    Check the full event lineup and grab a ticket here.