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    St.O’Donnell’s Select Gallery #005 : Ayebatonye

    Captivating her audiences with a blend of her favourites in electronic music, African disco & bass, and ballroom/vogue tracks, Ayebatonye is known for her distinct and eclectic sound.
    Ayebatonye has long been a fixture within the Sydney club & music scene. Having learnt how to dj in 2013 whilst working as a door host at the World Bar, she quickly gained residencies at the World Bar and Newtown Hotel as well as gigs at Ted X Sydney and Girl Thing Mardi Pardi under the moniker Black Magic.

    Since returning to Sydney after two and a half years in Berlin in late 2017, Ayebatonye has played Vivid Sydney events, Secret Garden Festival, Heaps Gay Queertopia and Heaps Gay Street Party, Semi Permanent Opening Night Party, Queer Art After Hours @ Art Gallery of NSW and All About Women Block Party at the Sydney Opera House to name a few.

    When did you start DJing?
    The very first time I “DJed” was in 2011, I was 20 years old, and I hired decks to play my friend’s 21st after having one 3 hour lesson.

    I started djing regularly in early 2013, I used to work as a door host/selector at the World Bar in Kings Cross and I was taught by a resident dj there, and then started playing more regular gigs

    How do you go about finding new music?
    I find music EVERYWHERE. Record stores, club scenes from old tv shows, movies, podcasts, radio, blogs, my parent’s music collection.
    My sets don’t necessarily stick to a specific genre so they always feature a little of everything, I’m also very lucky to know so many incredible musicians and djs who I can talk music with.

    What inspires your music selection for each gig and is it different each time?
    I guess my music selection for each gig would depend on the event but I wouldn’t say that I plan each gig down to the wire.
    Each gig is fairly adhoc however I do love making playlists before most sets just to get a basic idea of what I would want to play, then normally on the night just play what I like or what the crowd is vibing. It’s definitely quite different each time.

    Where would be your dream place to perform a set?
    I have a few places that I’d love to play including Aunty Meredith Music Festival, Inner Varnika, Dark Mofo, Fusion Festival in northeastern Germany, Garbicz Festival in Poland.
    I would also looove to play Sisyphos and Rummelsbucht I used to love dancing at those clubs and they made me develop a love for melodic and acid techno.

    What are you working on at the moment?
    Currently working on a show for FBI radio called “Don’t @ Me” it will be a six week series starting August 16 and is all about exploring race relations in Australia, discussing happenings in arts and culture and debunking and unpacking hot takes.

    I’ve also been working on a dj mentorship program for people of marginalised backgrounds that’s focused on creating space within the electronic music scene. Electronic music was started by POC but within Australia we’re not very well represented so this is all about cultivating the next gen of Sydney based DJs in partnership with Music NSW and with help from some very talented and established DJS.

    What can we expect to see from you at the Select Gallery 2018?
    I think it’s safe to say that you can expect a GOOD TIME from me, if you like dancing and a bit of the unexpected then come through.‍

    Get social with Ayebatonye via Facebook & Instagram

    Check the full event lineup and grab a ticket here.